Two Leaf Necklace
Two Leaf Necklace
Two Leaf Necklace
Riddhika Jesrani

Two Leaf Necklace

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This gorgeous two leaf necklace is all you need to complete your outfit. If all you want is a subtle way to make a statement, then this is your piece! 

This beautiful, two leaf 3D printed necklace, sits perfectly around your neck, without screaming out to the world, yet making just the right amount of noise. It is flexible enough to move around and light enough for you to not feel you are wearing around your neck.

Wear it on a day when you're out shopping or dining with your friends, or throw it on for work and let it be the subtle bling to tie your whole outfit together. These also make for great birthday gifts for yourself or your girlfriends.

Color: Black.

Size:  The length of the necklace is 9.5 inches. The size of the long leaf is 7.5 inch and the smaller leaf is 3.5 inches.

Made in India, on a technologically advanced 3D printer.

How to care for your jewelry:

  • Keep in a dry place.
  • Store each piece in 'glue-free' pouches or ziplocks.
  • You can wear them in water, but if there is any metal in the piece, it may tarnish.
  • Do not spray perfume on your jewelry.
  • Even though they are 3D printed, they can still be fragile, take care of the jewelry so it does not crack or chip.

**We try to ship our orders within 7 to 10 days. In-case you need them quicker please send us a note along with your purchase and we will try to send it out as soon as possible.  

***Please note, the pieces are all 3D printed, but there might be slight variations in color and sizes, especially if the piece you have chosen has hand-painted patterns or marbling.

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