We hope all you lovely Blingers are staying safe and sound.

As the world is enveloped in a pandemic none of us saw would paralyze us in such a way, we would like firstly thank all those on the ground helping us survive. Our doctors, essential goods workers, delivery personnel, sanitation teams, police, and each one who is making life easier during these tough times.

Now as every non-essential business (how sad to be a non-essential business, when all we do is strive to bring joy), we are staying indoors to make sure our team is safe and healthy. But the good news is, our online store is open, always! So please feel free to shop away and we'll make sure we ship all the goodies out to you when it is safe to do so. 

And if we don't say this enough, THANK YOU for supporting us, we are a small business and it is tough to stay afloat at times like this. But, with a little support from each of you, this too shall pass.

Sending you all virtual blingy hugs!